Household Objects

"Mass is dependent on it's particles to support it's weight. If an object suspended in liquid become weightless, does an object trapped between two objects become weightless?

The rings in a cross section of a tree, each record a year of experience. By looking at the edge of a book, can you see the multiple stratas of its existence?"

above. Trapped between two stacks, a cycle 1995 (wood, bicycle) above. Natur morte 1996 (wood, irons)
above. Through a glass darkly 1998 (wood, glass) above. Vase 1999 (wood, glass) above. Leaning 1994 (wood, doorframe)
above. Egg 1996 (wood, book) above. Watch 1996 (wood, watch, box) above. Still life with upright form 1994 (wood, cup) above. Rocket fuel 1998 (wood, glass)
above. kitchen obstruction (front view) 2002 (installation)

above. kitchen obstruction (back view) 2002 (installation)